Terms of Use

Date of Implementation 23 June, 2015: -
  1. Statements
    • "Implementation Date" - implementation date of laws and regulations for the website.
    • "Intellectual Property Rights" - all rights, including the publication of the invention, registered and unregistered designs, information treasury, trademarks, and all of the services and software related to any of the above, also all secret trade information, rights related to industrial property, intellectual and security all around the world.
    • "Subjects" - all of the subjects are made and published on ihome.ir or given to the site, to avoid doubts, the subjects of any kinds are published completely on the website.
    • "Registration Details" - all information, such as name and last name, phone number, email address, age, home address, and other, which users submit when they register with the website.
    • "Services" - to see this website as a real estate portal.
    • "Unacceptable" - all items and tools that by definition of any laws or jurisdiction from wherein the Website may be accessed may be considered either:-
    1. Illegal, immoral, obscene, racist, abusive, defamatory, naked journalism, false, unreliable, misleading, infringing third person rights (in any form and without limitation and with any intellectual property and ownership rights).
    2. Breaking any of the rules, principles and standards and executive codes.
    3. May harm ihome.ir's reputation.
    • "User" - Anyone who uses this website.
    • "Website" - the ihome.ir with website address www.ihome.ir.
    • "ihome" - Iranian website that is under Mohammad Hossein Rafat Nejad’s management and with postal address "2nd Fl., Unit 3, Farasaz Bldg., Orkideh St., Before Abshenasan Hwy., North Sattari Hwy., Tehran, Iran".
  2. Terms and Conditions for Users
    1. The user shall enter true personal information to register on the website, and if any of the data changes (except age) they should immediately update to continue using the services provided by the website.
    2. The user shall guarantee that he is at least 18 years old and legally qualified to commit the contract, when he is completing the registration.
    3. ihome.ir website has the right to remove content(s) published by the user without pre-warning(s) or prevent the user's content(s) from being published.
    4. The user's private information will be saved by ihome.ir website when they register, but this information is safe and shall not be used in the way that is not related to the website's goals.
    5. ihome.ir website will send a file to users. This file allows the website to recognise the user's PC and evaluate the user's behaviour and favourite parts for ease of future use. This file is not able to identify the user and the website will only use this data to improve the website. In addition, the user can avoid receiving the file, but in this case, he will not be able to use some parts of the website.
    6. Here the user commits to allowing the ihome.ir website to use his data for informing of special files, third person inclination to the user's announcements and other commercial related purposes. ihome.ir commits not to use the user's personal data for other cases, except when the country's judicial authorities request it.
    7. If the user does not want the website to use their data, they should leave the site before registering.
    8. If the user does not want to receive same commercial cases from the website, they should send an email titled “Exit the list of recipients" to the website and show their unwillingness.
    9. ihome.ir website has complete right to cancel the user's portfolio when inappropriate behaviours are suspected. At this time, the website will send a warning email to the user to register again.
    10. To dissolve any doubts, ihome.ir website only provides services, not products.
    11. ihome.ir website is the owner of all intellectual rights and services provided by this website including designs, texts, graphics and also the selection and adjustments for them.
    12. ihome.ir website receives the information related to the abuse of intellectual rights and forging and although the users cannot see the website guilty in these situations, the website asks all users to let them know when they face such issues.
    13. Users are required to report suspicious and inappropriate activities to the website admin, which they may suspect, on the website.
    14. The following limitations are plenary :
      1. The user pledges to avoid uploading or sending any files that may harm or disrupt website’s normal activities and services.
      2. The user pledges to avoid using any third-party apps to log on to the website or use its services.
      3. The user pledges to use website services and property files as personal usage and not commercial.
      4. The user pledges not to use copy or conduct reverse engineering of ihome.ir data without permission.
      5. The user pledges not to use the website for illegal, immoral or destructive activities.
      6. The user pledges not to use website services to offend any law.
      7. The user pledges not to violate any alerts and warnings of copyright.
      8. The user pledges to avoid publishing any information that offends ihome.ir website laws.
      9. The user pledges to avoid interfering with other users’ interests and services.
      10. The user pledges to avoid using the data that has been copyrighted, without the permission of the owner.
      11. The user pledges to avoid inquisitive abuse and degrading treatment when he uses the website.
    15. By uploading the contents on ihome.ir, the user has the right and permission to use, display, publish and review the content(s) on ihome.ir website and the website will not pay any money as membership fees to the users. The website has the complete right to change, delete and reload the content(s). The user also undertakes to recognise all rights of ihome.ir website.
    16. ihome.ir website allows the users to upload related data and information on the website and use them in case they are not illegal, immoral, threatening or critical.
  3. Limitation of Liability
    1. ihome.ir website is not responsible for any incidental, indirect loss of profits, revenue or professional reputation of the users.
    2. While we are trying to prevent the entry of any viruses to ihome.ir website, we cannot guarantee security completely. The user is responsible for ensuring adequate security measures before downloading the data, information and images.
    3. ihome.ir website does not have the responsibility for the validity of the contents uploaded on the website, and in case the user makes financial transactions based on the information received from the website, Home.ir website shall not take the responsibility for the validity of the contents uploaded on the website, and in case the user makes financial transactions based on the information received from the website, he/she will do it on his/her own accord and website will take no responsibility for damages or losses that may occur due to such transactions and shall not under any circumstances indemnify the user for any loss/damage incurred by him/her in this case.
    4. ihome.ir shall not be held responsible for the disruption of services whether the cause is intentional or accidental. ihome.ir does not warrant that the Service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free.
    5. ihome.ir website will not accept any failure caused by software problems and lack of services.
    6. ihome.ir website will not be responsible for the user's interactions with other sites through links found on the website.
    7. None of the cases mentioned in the rules above includes the prediction or proceeding the occurrence of death or injury due to the negligence of ihome.ir website or factories involved in this site.
    8. It does not matter how many people claim to be damaged, and on what basis these allegations are formed, the greatest amount of damage that ihome.ir website accepts through direct losses (or other losses in case these losses are not mentioned in clause 3.1-3.6 or other clauses) and in case these losses and damages are mentioned in the contract, the amount of compensations won't be more than double the amount of money paid by the user to the website.
  4. Guarantees and Commitments
    1. ihome.ir site does not warrant that accurate and up to date information is available on the website, and won't accept any responsibilities for the way the users use the information it provides.
    2. The content(s) of this site have not been uploaded based on individual use, and it is the responsibility of the user to consider possible risks before starting the financial actions and decisions in relation to the suitability of the information.
    3. Any other guaranties that are expressed, legal or illegal are not included in ihome.ir website.
    4. User agrees to exclude ihome.ir website and products out of all liabilities, claims and expenses that are not mentioned in the contract.
    1. Terms of Service shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Iran without regard to principles of conflicts of laws. The parties irrevocably and unconditionally submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Iran with respect to any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with the Terms of Service.
    2. The ihome.ir website reserves the right to change its commercial rules and conditions over time. The contract execution date is mentioned in above. Before using this website, the user must consider the implementation date. If the implementation date has changed, the user must completely study the new Terms & Conditions, and in case of new rules, accept them before using the website.
    3. If any parts of this contract is illegal for any reason it will be removed and the rest of the contract will be executed.
    4. You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any portion of the Service, use of the Service, or access to the Service without the express written permission by ihome.ir.
    5. Any warnings or notifications will be sent to the user at the home address and e-mail address that are stored in the user's personal information. If the home address and e-mail address changes, it is the user's task to update the information as soon as possible. A follow up email will be sent out after 24 hrs for an unanswered email and after 72 hours for unanswered post.
    6. ihome.ir will not accept any responsibilities for losses caused by delay, wrong performance, and events that are out of control and/or government's regulations.
    7. Any delays and mistakes in implementing any parts of the contract and user's right from our site is known as the exception of the contract.
    8. Categories chosen for each part of the contract is only for the ease of reading the contract and doesn't have certain structural feature.
    9. This contract is written based on Iranian law. Parties of this contract are confirmed and performed out of the Iranian Supreme Court. Except any time that the intellectual ownership rights of the website are comprised in any way, it will be resolved by referring to the Supreme Court.